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About Us


American Artisan Marketplace was created for a need to spotlight American artists and craftsmen. There are so many talented artists here in the USA that deserve our support. That is what we do, we represent these creative individuals. I have a graphic design and business background, at one time owning my own retail gift store and gallery that represented local artists and craftsmen.

In a world where most items you pick up in a store are imported we only represent American craftsmanship. Can you imagine if more stores made a conscious effort to stock more American products, our economy would improve each time you purchase those products.

We provide a place where you can come to one place to find creative American lines. We specialize in upcycled craftsmanship utilizing glass, wood, metal, poly, etc. We also represent other talented artists that make jewelry, chimes, pottery, greeting cards, garden art, etc. We hand pick each one of our artists for their uniqueness and impeccable quality.

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